Sunday, January 25, 2009


It's nice to fly away and leave your worries behind, once in a while.....

To places that raise your spirits high, and to beyond your imaginations,

To singing birds, flowing rivers, and bright clear skies.....

And to a foreign land, where beautiful strangers melt the loneliest hearts.....

Recapping January 2009:

The last couple of weeks have been an emotional ride because the future appeared so bleak and miserable. Thank you God and to those who provided endless support. God works in subtle way to provide and it only takes a little bit of courage to trust. I do not know what state I would have been in without all the encouragement and continual faith that I had the ability to pass. I am now a third of the way towards attaining my designation!

I did not make any concrete resolutions for 2009 and also because I don't end up keeping them. However, a goal (an entirely different specie) that I would like to consistently upkeep into the future is to manage my finances. With positive results, I can focus earning income for the next several months and also begin to learn to manage my accounts. It must be surprising that as an accountant I have problems looking after money. Yes, my outflows tend to be much greater than I would like them to be. I think a misconception is that people in business, especially finance or accounting should have supreme knowledge with personal finance. In a way we do, but the case is that, we do not always apply our knowledge (on a tangent note, I also hate taxes, so please don't ask me to do your taxes for you!) But now that I am working full time, I will make it one of my torturous hobbies to curb my spendings and actually put the money to greater use (as in start saving so I can actually HAVE a hobby). I will not preach, but as a rule of thumb we should be spending equal or less than 20% of our (liquid) net assets each month. Prioritize your budget so you do not exhaust your finances and end up like the United States of America. It's important to have fun, but it's also important to save for a rainy day.

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