Friday, July 23, 2010

NARIS UP Nose Pack Peeling Mask Review

What it claims: This nose pack peeling mask helps deeply loosen pores. Easily removes pore cloggers from loosen pores. The ingredients are gentle to your skin and can remove the dirt in your pores or the remains of your makeup without undue stimulation. As it is absorbed, it freshens your skin and restores it to a healthy condition.

I bought the 20ml sized tube and it's tiny!!! It's even smaller than a sample! This will not last more than a month if you use it twice a week. 

The mask leaves the tube in globs and sometimes it's difficult to control how much comes out because it's so dense. The texture is gooey to touch but will wash off with water, or you can wait until it dries and then peel it off. 

Caution.... disturbing photos ahead.....


More warning.....

Okay, you've been warned:

If you (dare) click to enlarge the photo, you can see that my nose harbours quite a lot of white and black heads. If you glance at the after photo (you don't even need to closely observe because it's so apparent), you will see that none of the blackheads left my nose. The mask simply ripped out the hair on my nose and got rid of some white heads. I already did this mask post a 30 minute steaming hot shower. 

I decided to be forgiving and try it a second time, 10 minutes after I ripped it off my nose. Observe the results below:

Both times it ripped out hair!! I've concluded that this mask will remove white heads but blackheads are too stubborn for it. 

The Good:
♥ cleans out white heads
 affordable, but not if you want to use it consistently
 can purchase easily online or asian beauty store

The Bad:
♥  rips out hair
 doesn't clean out blackheads
 there are probably other products out there that are more effective

Repurchase: Nah.....

I got this on sale for $5.99 on Sasa, but it is also available on Imomoko for $7.99. You can also try the NARIS UIP Eggshell & Charcoal Mask, which is a peeling face pack for removing blackheads, but I've seen bloggers use it on their nose too. 

This big mess is the damage from my last post and which the NARIS UP Nose pack was part of. I'll continue picking at this and review the items I've purchased (:

Have a lovely weekend all! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Nothing Makes Me Happier Than....

The mailman knocking on my door at 8:30am in the morning.... and guess what he delivered?

purchases from ebay, Sasa and Gmarket

I had to withhold my glee for 8 hours while I was at work!! While I am typing I still have not unboxed these goodies yet! My shopping habits may look like it needs some control here but let me assure you that not everything is mine! =D I'll how you my goods in a future post ^__^

Let me leave you with the usual:

Green tea birthday cake from BNC (a Korean Cafe) courtesy of  le BF last month (:

I know there were tons of celebrated and to be celebrated birthdays in June and July for bloggers all over the world. I wish you guys a very happy belated/early birthday!

Happy photo bloggn' Monday! 

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Korean Chiffon & Polka Dots

Hello lovelies! How is July treating you? It's super humid and hot here (about 40 degrees!)... not even which air conditioning can solve.... so I am going to avoid swatching anything since it will melt in 5 seconds! I'll just share what my outfit of the day is ^__^

cardigan - AE; chiffon shirt - gmarket; skirt - jacob

Oh the lighting's terrible! Wish I had a better photo but I was in a hurry. I think having chiffon material clothing in your wardrobe is a such a good idea! It's silky to the touch and I think is somewhat sweat resistant  :p

Hope there's nice weather where you are! Stay cool and fresh ~


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