Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Giveaway Results!

*Drum roll*.....

*cancel drum roll*

I forgot to mention that I loved how motivated you all sounded with your resolutions! I truly hope you may be able to exert your determination and new years energy in keeping your resolutions (: My resolution is to be more holistic and helpful to my community. I've put my name down at several volunteer organizations and will be spending some of my weekends helping those in need.

Okay, now the good stuff! In order to find a winner, I, or rather, I enlisted for some help... and finally determined the winner of my first giveaway! We did it the old fashion away, aka dropped the entries in a hat and drew out a number.

*Drum roll une deuxième fois...* The winner is.....

Miss Old Cow! Your resolution also hit the core of my soul (dramatic but oh so true)! I visited some vintage shops lately, but for some strange odd reason, I've seen some aged clothing that were more expensive than new clothing... *scratch head*. (Anyway I digress). Please send me your address to ehlee (dot) soompi (at) gmail (dot) com within the next two days! Merci beaucoup!

Thank you to all the girlies who participated! If you didn't win this time around, it's okay. Life goes on, but I will also be hosting more giveaways in the future ^__^

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Giveaway Now Closed!

Thank you for all your entries, I loved reading all your resolutions! The giveaway is now closed; I will find a systematic way to draw the winner this week and the winner will be announced shortly at the beginning of next week.

Muchos gracias!

xxx miss superwoolu

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