Friday, November 19, 2010

Wilfred in Taupe

Helloooo to Friday!

In an effort to get my mojo back up aka a la motivation to muster up some presentable post, I am sharing my OOTD. I'll be lying if I told you I wore this today because temperature is hovering the near negatives in Toronto, and unless my arms and legs were resistant to cold I'd never be able to survive wearing this outside now. But this outfit did keep me feeling pretty during the course of the summer.

What I wore: AE cardigan; Wilfred corsette dress; Gmarket sandals

I got the Wilfred corsette dress in taupe on sale at Aritzia at their summer blow out sale. The dress comes in another color (khaki or some shade of green) but did not have the cute pattern. Because of the corsette style, this dress makes you look really thin (but not starving skinny), though it also means you won't be able to breathe or eat until you strip out of the dress..... The size I purchased was 4 - I normally wear sizes 0-2 but Artizia sizes run small. But even in a size 4 I needed assistance in zipping this up because the material doesn't give any room since it's not stretchy fabric.

As a side note, I'd be weary of purchasing sandals with no soles from Gmarket (the flat ones)! They're worse than sandals from H&M, though really cute looking and cheap at $8. This pair was a miss for me because I've purchased sandals from Gmarket before and they were quite comfortable. But I mean, cost vs. feet pain. Your choice!

Happy Friday!

Miss Woolu

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Rimmel - English Rose

Hi my lovelies!

Yes I know I've been MIA for so long that I might as well have disappeared off the face of the earth (but the question is, would I then be floating in (cyber) space?).... apparently not blogging for several months have turned my jokes really lame as well! And what makes it worse is that even Mr.Woolu noticed the lazy cat was my only post since three months ago. But my real concern is that Mr.W reads this?! Well... if that's the case - /shout out - Mr.W, please slowly let your eyes wander to the right side of the page where it says WISHLIST /end shout out.

Anyway I am back (not with a vengeance though)! I've been nagged so much to post something  that I swatched a polish purchased over the summer (around the same time as Plum Seduction). I'm still on a conquest to find the perfect rose polish. With asian skin tone hands I find wearing any shade of red not as flattering. I think overall Rimmel's English Rose is mediocre.

I like the formula because its thick and not streaky. I also really like the brush, which is wide and flat so you an cover your nail in 1-2 strokes. Maybe I just made a poor color choice, because I've definitely left this collecting dust. You can find Rimmel polishes in most drug stores and will cost around $3-$5 depending if sale discounts are available.

I can't promise my next post will be soon.... but if you want to catch my daily rantings, you can find me on twitter under the ID: superwoolu

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