Friday, April 30, 2010

Boujois Classic Smokey in 04 Nude

It's Friday! Too bad I managed to get sick, so now my weekend is ruined! :(

A reader a while ago asked if I tried the nude palette I got from Boujois a while ago. I finally did!

 Don't mind the dryness of my hand! =P I really like the lightest shade! But the three shades do not go on as pigmented as I expected. It took quite a few swipe to get it that shade on my hand.

How the eyeshadow look on my eye after following the instructions on the back of the palette. I forgot to take a photo without flash but under day light it is not as coppery or shimmery! I did not notice any major fallout at all, but I'm not completely sold on the palette even though overall it's pretty flattery for asian eyes. I did not realize my eyes were that brown under flash O__O And.... my eyebrows are a complete mess! =P

Have a very good stress-less weekend! (:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lunasol Nail Swatches

Hello lovelies!

A while back I purchased two Lunasol nail finish from the 2009 Holiday collection. The polish comes in:
39 White Lighting, 40 Pearlish Pink, 41 Milky Pink, 42 Natural Beige, and 43 Pearlish Rose. I got the two in 42 Natural Beige and 43 Pearlish Rose. 


I love Pearlish rose! It gives off a sort of iridescent effect depending on the angles I look at my nails. Sometimes it looks pink/rosey and other times it looks peachy! There's slight shimmer in the nail polish. I cannot say I have the same feeling for Natural Beige. I am wearing two coats in the photo and it's not opaque! Maybe a third coat will do the trick but I don't like the feeling of thick nail polish on my nails :(

These are the similar nail polish I have to Pearlish Rose. I need to find a dupe though!! I bought this locally, but I cannot afford to continuously repurchasing this at $15/bottle (and there's limited stock)! You can obtain your own from online stores such as Mihoko who sells it for $24.50.

OOTD: What I wore running about to run errands yesterday
Cardigan - gmarket; wrinkly tshirt - f21; wrinkly shorts - jacob; watch - toywatch

Hahha, I don't know why all my clothing are wrinkly =P I do like the cardigan though, especially the buttons! I will put up a close up when I review the clothing I bought from gmarket a while back!

Hope you all have a lovely week! I will try to update more often =P

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sultan's Tent and some Belly Dancing

First off, I'd like to apologize for my lask of posts..... I've just had so many backlogged errands to run that I didn't have time to prepare any posts... okay no excuses! XD I have sooo many blogs to catch up on (I'm afraid to look at my google reader... there's probably more than 600 unread posts!). I'm slowly catching up but forgive me for my tardiness as when all taxes need to be filed within 10 days, work is overbearingly painful... =P Anyway, rant over!

Several weeks ago for my friend's birthday, we attended a restaurant that brought the delectable traditional Morrocan foods to our tastebuds. Sultan's Tent, which I believe is also available in Calgary now, is like a harem, with exotic and beautiful women performing/teaching belly dances during the dinner (I use exotic and beautiful gently though because, well, these are just Canadian girls (maybe of Moroccan decent?) dressed in saris and the usual headgear).

A lot of the Moroccan foods had light spices that are probably only identifiable to Moroccans. The Harira (photoed above) is a popular starting dish that is described as a hearty tomato broth with chick peas and kidney beans. It looked more to me as chicken noodle soup in tomato soup :P It was good, but a tad spicy for my taste buds. I really wanted to try the sliced smoked duck salad but that did not come with the course meal and was considered a premium dish (at an additional cost of $5). Come to think of it, the dishes that were recommended or looked really tasty were premium dishes.....

Overall, it was a really fun experience especially when the dancers came out, or rather the energy of all the male in the room increased significantly.

Price: It's on the pricey side at $40/person for a four course meal (or $70 or so after tips & taxes... you may think the math is not correct, but they charge 20% gratuity and $8/bottle of water you order).

Sultan's Tent is located at 49 Front Street East, Toronto.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away....please?

Gahh!! It's raining! Not enough to wear rain boots but enough for you to get wet without an umbrella ):

Whereever you are, I hope you're getting more sunshine than I am (which is NIL)! Since it's so drabby outside I have no motivation to blog, but I do want to share the three blogger awards I got from Georgina (which I shall now shorten to Gee :p) of Coffretgorge! Thanks hun! Thanks everyone for reading this blog and it's sporadic posts.... (though I think I am consistently blogging on Mondays and Wednesdays?! teeheeheeee).

Now the rules of receiving these awards is to share 5 new facts about yourself. Really? So the 10 things I've shared is not sufficient?! I'm so boringgggg that I can probably only come up with 1 or 2 more facts!

1. I am spoiled rotten by Mr.W. Though I am an independent female of the 20th century, I rely on him A LOT. Maybe too much. He drives me to places, cooks enough for me so I do not starve, feeds me fruit slices in which he has meticulously peeled, rubs my tummy when it makes strange noises, gives me massages when my shoulders/back ache after long days of work - all are some of the many things he does for me. He's also my conscience that I SHOULD listen to, but obviously I don't XD. I am shamelessly professing my adoration to you Mr.W!

2. For the past 4 years I have paid another person to prepare and file my personal taxes even though I am completely capable of doing it myself.

3. I have pieces of clothing that I wear once and then donate and others that I've worn the life out of but still show up in public with it =D A prime example are these pair of jeans that fit to a perfect T on me, but I wore them so often, a hole tore through the fabric near the bum! I wasn't aware of this until my sister pointed out that there was a pink splotch on the back of my jeans. It was then that I realize it wasn't a stain but my undies peeping through hah!

4. Speaking of undies (I know this is borderline R rated), but I only purchase pink undies. Yes, pink is one of my favorite colors!

5. My dream job is to be a housewife whom is relieved of all housewife duties. But, who am I kidding?!

You have now successful finished reading the most boring blog post. Give yourself a little pat on your back!! I can't be selfish so I shall pass these awards to the following lovely bloggers:

Ani of 熊貓girl
M.A.C. nunu
Anne of LOLanne
Kym of beecreative
Steph of Beauty and Gardens
Tammy of tummycake (though I think you're still on vacation....)

I think Georgina has already tagged some of the other bloggers! I know my list is short so if anyone else who has not been given these awards and would like to share somethings about yourself I gift these awards to you! ^___^

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Showers

It's April!! Hope all you lovelies out there had a fabulous Easter break! It was super sunny in Toronto, so this weekend I did nothing but bask in the sun while enjoying my gelato (: What did you do for Easter?

It's getting super busy, but thankfully today is my photo bloggn' Monday post =P

Happy photo bloggn' Monday!

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