Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays and Gmarket Haul

trHappy Holidays!! It's snowing and super cold in Canada, but I managed to avoid parts of the freezing temperature temporarily.

I just came back from the sunny Nassau and the Bahamas and is every so slighly tanned... and to also find the airports in chaos! It's difficult to be so detached to the world when you are on vacation and then to find out there was almost another catastrophe! Anyway, I digress.... loved the weather!

The Bahamas

Also, my Gmarket order came! I was so ecstatic because I thought it would never arrive, or that I would have to pay the shipping fee again, but Gmarket came through!! It makes me feel so appreciative how responsible Gmarket and the Korea Post is in comparison to Canada Post... complete awesome service!

The box it came in was HUGE..... and inside it was....


Just three packages!! Literally the three packages could have fit snuggly in that white box underneath the pink package... I guess the only complaint is the shipping fees (which is frustrating but won't prevent me from ordering again). To give a rough idea of what the shipping costs were like, for this order, shipping was 30% of the total cost, for <1.5kg. I ordered shoes, which made up most of the weight, but swim wear was locked in at 0.5kg.

I love the design and material of the second swim wear, which I believe you can actually use in a pool.... the seller is K-Girl and I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase. The first swim wear's quality is made of terry cloth, which is not appropriate in water, but will suffice for tanning purposes! I forgot who the seller was!


The shoes, are made of pleather, but the quality is surprisingly good for $15 (excluding shipping). I will definitely be purchasing more shoes!

Overall, albeit being so worried for not receiving my order, Gmarket came through in the end and I am still a happy customer. The process of ordering is only complex when going through all the options/designs to select the product since everything is written in Korean. Payment, however, is relatively easy because we can now pay through Paypal. Shipping is really fast, since I can see through the tracking slip that it arrives at the local post office within two days of shipping (but make sure your address is correct)!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shipping Delays!!! GAHHHH

I am so upset with Gmarket and Canada Post!! I don't know if I am more frustrated with the Gmarket and it's confusing policies or Canada's customs and it's incompetencies. I'd probably bet on the latter.

I made my order a month ago and Gmarket shipped it within a day. It arrived in Canada the next day. Props to EMS! HOWEVER, that being said, my package sat at customs for nearly a month. Being the savy consumer, I thought, okay, fine, I'll just wait patiently for it to clear customs. Lo' and behold, I looked at my tracking slip and it said my package was shipped back to Korea yesterday.

Oh for goodness sake, WHY!!! I bought shoes and swim wear. How can that EVER be destructive. I don't think shoes have every killed anyone....oh sorry, I take it back. A shoe did almost killed George W. Bush.

I've contacted Gmarket and is waiting to hear from them, but the tracking slip says my package has been shipped out again and this time it's FINAL DELIVERY, whatever that means. I'm crossing my fingers, this time it will be successful!

Has this ever happened to you with your Gmarket packages?

{edit: post rant}
I just received a call from David from Gmarket telling me why my package was sent back. He said that Canada Post told them the address was wrong, which does not make sense at all! Again, I blame the Canadian postal system. There's some sort of conspiracy going on with Canada customs... plus the employees are rude. But, what a nice man David was. He told me my package will be shipped tomorrow and I should receive it within a week. No hassles, no extra costs. I think I've regained my confidence in Gmarket again! (Hopefully my package comes as stated....)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Holiday Giveaways

Just when you think all the giveaways are over, there are more! Warning...lots of wonderful giveways to follow suit!

1. Fabulous Canadian Freebies is giving away a set of Essie Nailpolishes! However...I believe this is exclusive to Canadians only.

2. "You Deserve the Best" giveaway

OMGOODNESS....just look at the prizes!! Only available to Canadian and US bloggers entries only! Enter now!! I've got to give credits to xMaterialGirlx for this wonderful giveaway.

3. Tuli's New Years Eve Glitter giveaway

Get a chance to win these wonderful bottles of nail polish by joining the giveaway!

4. Nails of the Day - win 6 gorgeous Zoya Greens!

Look at the gorgeous shades....I would totally envy whoever wins this.

LOM is giving away awesome stuff; I want to win!!

Shan Shan of UK is giving away these fabulous gifts. Please check out her blog for more details on the giveway!

7. Wonderful Savy Mode Giveaway

Savy Mode is giving away this Orient lady automatic watch!! I'm completely drooling over this right now.....

8. He Qi Crystal Designs Giveaway

Lisa of He Qi Crystal Designs is having a reader appreciation giveaway, so we now all have a chance to win one of her awesome creations plus other goodies! (:

9. You've Got Nail's December Giveaway

YGN is giving away:

1 Nailtrixx Design Plate
1 Bottle Royal Polish
1 Bottle Top Coat
1 Stamper
1 Scraper

Don't forget to join! ^___^

10. Sparklemidori Beauty blog's giveaway

She's giving away TONS of prizes!! I cannot even list all of them in one breath, so check out her blog and see all the wonderful goodies!

11. MTW Designs Giveaway

MTW is giving a simple but really gorgeous bracelet - simply gold & pearl white. It would be a great gift for a girl friend!

12. Erica's Holiday MAC Giveaway

Erica's giving away some MAC items for Christmas! This will make a great Christmas gift for any girl (:

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Post UFE Hauls

Needless to say, the few afters the results were posted, I rewarded myself with purchases. I was a pretty happy shopper that day I must admit!

I went by Mosaic for some jewelry. This place is possibly one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry because they sell affordable and very cute pieces. I purchased the 925 rhodium plated Mosaic Heart Ring encrusted with pink CZ gems and a white ToyWatch from the Plasteramic Watch Collection. ToyWatch is Italian designer wrist watch company that specializes in offering luxury style watches at low prices.They sell watches which essentially cater for the 'young' fashionable market, and have some famous clientelle. Including Oprah Winfrey, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Al Gore, Charlize Theron (source: Wikipedia). Miley Cyrus is wearing the same one I purchased below:
(source: ToyWatchUsa.com)

(bracelet also from Mosaic!! The watch face plate 1.61inches in diameter, but it looks huge because my wrist is tiny)

ToyWatches can also be purchased from Holt Renfrew locations listed on the Canadian website. The White Plasteramic dial with crystal markers retails $225USD on the website, but I believe Canadian retailers sell it at $300CDN. I have not checked out the prices at Holt Renfrew but prices should be comparable to Mosaic.
I stopped by Sephora and picked up another Shu Uemura curler because I was getting so fed up with my Sana spring curler - it just won't curl my lashes properly and pinches my eyelids (therefore, despite the good spring effort in the curler, I do not recommend it!) I also picked up OPI Sephora nail polishes in Metro Chic and Under My Trench Coat. Metro Chic is a rather brooding muddy grey shade with a hint of purple. With two coats, it's still pretty purple, but three coats will make it smokey grey. I'm a shimmer or nude color type of gal, so I'm still getting use to this shade! I have not tried My Trench Coat yet but it appears to be grey with gold shimmer ^___^

I love The Big Bang Theory so I picked up a copy of the second season, which I will probably rewatch many many times. This show is seriously too underrated! I also hauled from F21 but got too lazy to take photos of my purchases =P. That concludes the gifts to myself....time to shop for Christmas presents!

Hope you all girls have a fun and relaxing weekend!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Out of the Pit

As to quote my sister.....I am out of the pit!!!!!!!

No more studying FOREVER!!!! I'm too excited for words, but this literally has the same status quo as the Oscars. Congrats to all those who sat for the 2009 UFE.

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