Monday, August 16, 2010

LaZY Monday

Hi lovelies! As you can probably tell, I've been quite lazy.... I haven't blogged at all! I have been catching up with blogs that have accumulated exponentially in my google reader, but I want to apologize if I have not been commenting. I will get back into my groove very soon!

Superwoolu is super lazy like this cat she saw on the weekend!

Stay clean, stay fresh, stay beautiful (:

Happy photo bloggn' Monday! 

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Revlon's Plum Seduction

I am always on the hunt for a cute summer nail color and the other day I stopped by Rexall and picked up Revlon's 917 Plum Seduction. I can only describe it as a very flirtatious and color popping shade. The nail polish has a creme finish to it and is a mix of magenta, fuchsia and purple in a bottle.

(clumsy paint job... but nothing that a shower cannot fix! :p)

I've never been completely gaga in love with Revlon's nail polish formula and this one has not changed my opinion either. The formula is very watery so the first two coats will only leave your nail polish in streaks. The watery formula may be overlooked in pale shimmery shades but for nail polish with a creme finish.... *thumbs down* It took at least three coats for the shade to turn opaque, like in the photo.

I definitely really like this color and looks super cute in photos. The total damage was only really $5.99CAD and lots of patience.... so, has this plum shade seduced you at all?

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