Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Owl of Minerva and MIA

Hello lovelies (:

I will be MIA for the next two weeks because I'm going on vacation!! The destinations will be Vegas and Florida ^___^. Does anyone have any recommendations for Vegas? I'll be seeing the Grand Canyon and doing some shopping!

On a side note, did any toronto bloggers also go to the Shiseido warehouse sale?? When I am back from vacation my next post will detail what I purchased and how much cash I saved by going to this sale =D

Before I take my leave I wanted to share information on a korean franchise that I tried this week called Owl of Minerva in the Greater Toronto Area.

Food: - I would prefer appetizer refills! I ordered the bulgogi in glass noodle and quite enjoyed it!
Service: - really cute korean boys serving you!
Atmosphere: - it's hard to find parking but once you're inside, there's a lot of customers and the chitter and chatter will fill the restaurant
Price: ♥ - the prices are comparable to other places I've tried ~about $10/person including tax for a meal

There are several locations in the GTA. The one I visited is located at 5324 Yonge Street North York, in uptown Korean town. 

Have a wonderful week and talk to you guys soon! I will not be updating during the time I'm away but may be updating on my travel adventures through my twitter (if you follow me you will know!) I will be back in two weeks time (:  

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wishing for a dream

Make a wish...

Happy photo bloggn' Monday!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shiseido Warehouse Sale!!

Thanks to Missmicchan, my sister and I were able to pick up a whole loot of stuff from the Shiseido warehouse sale today! There is still another day of sale ongoing from 9am-3pm tomorrow (Sunday), so if you have time, go check it out! (address at the end of the post). Everything is from 25-60% retail price. There was such a long line up when we arrived at 10am (sorry forgot to take photo of the massive asian population all waiting anxiously in the cloudy weather)! It took us 2 hours to get inside and when we were inside it felt like china town (minus the bargaining). We've never encountered so many uneducated, bawny chinese women with their equally as rude husbands. Some women did not even understand the use of the products and still grabbed as many as possible. It's as if, whenever there is a sale, ajummas are the first ones to rush to the scene. It got so ridiculous, that before some lady paid for her goods, she pointed to her eyelashes and asked me in her broken English if she was holding mascara... O_O. Yes madame, it says so on the label, and if you are not aware of the use of the product why did you ask the SA for it?!. Some lady also grabbed 10+ Shiseido cleansing foam thinking it was moisturizer - maybe she thought she was getting a deal since it was so cheap. I'm not sure if she realized her mistake, but she put some on her hand to test and it started to foam... =P

Most of the items were geared towards Shiseido skincare products with limited palettes/single eyeshadows available from NARS. I wanted to pick up some Orlane skincare but that would have burned a nonrecoverable hole in my wallet. I would definitely recommend going to this sale if you are a fan of any of the Shiseido skincare lines, which are about 30-40% off. Their lipsticks/lipglosses were at least 50% off retail prices. I also saw a lot of people picking up litres and litres of hair shampoo/conditioner but I did not recognize the brand name. I picked up Joico Silk Result shampoo, a brand I've never tried to test out since it seems really popular among other people's purchases.

And now... the goods my sister and I collectively hauled (plus another Nars palette I forgot to photograph):

I'll try to put together a swatch/review post but there is a LOT of products I have to go through...I'm also too scared to look at the receipt....

The address of the sale is:

303 Allstate Parkway, Markham -- east of Woodbine.

Have a relaxing Sunday! Or not if you are planning to go to the sale =P

Monday, May 03, 2010

Hide n' Seek

Hiding from all the work I left unfinished on Friday..... :p

Happy photo bloggn' Monday!

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