Thursday, April 30, 2009


Thursday nights are date nights, but instead I had a nice and wonderful meal, curtesy of the Firm, at Oliver Bonacini (the Cafe Grill), located at the heart of Bayview/Sheppard, to celebrate the end of a very busy season. I guess it's true when they say we work hard but we also play hard. From their menu, I had the:

  • Beef Carpaccio (with wild and tame mushrooms, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano and truffle oil)
  • Seared Sea Scallops with artichoke and asiago Spread
  • Poached Pear in vanilla rice pudding

I must say that O&B Cafe Grill is one of the best semi-fine dining restaurants I've been to. I'm anticipating Summerlicious now to try Canoe, one of their best known fine dining restaurants. For an appetizer, the Beef Capaccio was decent. It reminded me of mushrooms wrapped in a piece of Prosciutto. The beef was not as salty as I expected, but the wild and tame mushrooms were so succulent that I actually wish there was more.

The seared scallops were a little undercooked; maybe it's because I like my food well done most of the time. But this is an exception since it's seafood and under cooking the scallops probably helped maintain the fresh taste. The scallops was layered in a soup base like film of artichokes lama beans and various other types of beans.

Finally, I was highly anticipating their dessert. I wanted the oreo sour cream cheesecake, but it was not available on the menu at the restaurant so I decided to try the poached pear, which was simply scrumptious. The vanilla rice pudding was so creamy and the poached pear completely absorbed the flavor.

The service was decent. We had two waiter/waitress waiting for us the entire night. I have to admit that the male waiter was rather hot because he reminded me of a Japanese yakuza. He could be Chinese or Korean for all I cared, but he had a tiny, but cute pony tail. Not giving any ideas to guys out there that I dig this stuff, but I simply thought he looked polished and, should I say, dangerous, resulting in a combination of smithering hotness.

Though it's a rather casual restaurant, a three course meal would definitely put a dent to one's pocket at $40-$50+ per person. However, I think the quality of the food is good enough to render a visit, but would, of course, not be a daily staple. I would definitely visit again and take my friends with me since it's still afforable for special occasions since restaurants like Canoe, Auberge or North 44 will definitely mean eating leftovers for quite awhile. But, if you don't like stuffy/snobby people (usually those past 45 years of age), then I would not recommend this restaurant since it's located in an area notorious for this.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Afghanistan Lives in the Dark Ages

I don't know if you guys are aware of the new Afghan marriage laws that forbid an Afghan woman to refuse sex with her husband every four days. He has the right to demand instant satisfaction to his sexual desires because these woman are "illiterate, making it difficult for them to provide financial support to the family". As per one of the top Afghan clerics, women and men are not of equal status in Afghanistan, and because men there bring home all the goodies to feed/support the family, he is automatically declared this right. Not to mention, when these poor women decide to stand up for their rights, they are pelted with rocks. RIDICULOUS-NESS-NESS. So in defense, or rather, attempting to find a possible loophole, if I were to bring a husband to Afghanistan, but I am the breadwinner, I would have the right to demand sex every four days? And why four days? Where is the logic and justification to this law? Did the government even proof their laws before passing them because something like this completely undermines their credibility, not that they had much to begin with. I thought they'd like to keep a down-low profile, you know, from after 9-11. I guess not.

I have a strong inkling suspicion that the whole cabinet responsible for passing this law is made up of some of the worlds biggest nincompoops. I'm not surprised that they are the recipient of excessive international backlash for one of the most controversial laws ever passed. But it appears that this government is making no note of it. Come on, stop it with the sexism already and to blame it on the fact that women are illiterate is a really poor excuse. If we search a bit deeper, my educated guess is that these women are not even given the opportunity to go to school (probably told that their purpose in life is to satisfy their husbands' needs every four days...)

I think this law definitely beats the law from Korea in terms of being the most ridiculous law passed. In Korea, individuals who cheat on their married counterparts can be sentenced to prision for a period of time. Seriously?!! If they ever pass laws like those here, I am moving to Texas where women can at least defend themselves with weapons.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Mini Haul

Collectively, my sister and I are slowly updating our makeup collection by adding and deleting piece by piece. I think it's more of a concern for me since I still have mascara and concealer from university. But then again, my sister uses expired sunscreen.

I ordered the Shiseido Integrate lipstick in shade #399 last week and the box arrived a tad dented, but still in good condition!

(Photo credits: I transferred my entries from my previous blog)

The color looks like it could be a deep hot pink but it's actually quite sheer and not as pigmented as I'd imagined. It's a nice color but I was looking for a lighter more baby pink for a spring/summer look. I guess that's my cue to do more hauls! ^__^

This is Lancôme's blush in Miel Glace and was $34CDN! The packaging was nothing exciting but at least had GWP (some of Lancome's best products face/hand creme is included). Unfortunately the makeup case is pretty fugly and undermines the concept of beauty....

I bought MUFE's HD primer in Mauve from Sephora to test out since I've heard great reviews on it. I was debating between this and the one in green that reduces redness but I think I tend to emit sallow yellowness more often (you know, being Asian and all). I also purchased Maybelline's eyebrow pencil to experiment with. I know I have eyebrows but sometimes I think they deserve to be pampered and given more attention. Side note, when I was a Sephora, I noticed that the beauty consultants are rather low in standards. The one who tried to offer me her services had three very noticable flaming pimples that looked ready to be popped. Yes, that offers quite a lot of encouragement for customers to purchase their products. Not to mention, she also had a very heavy chinese accent so it made it really difficult to ask her about specific products I was looking for. Okay, can't really flame her for her lack of English skills because I'm sure Kevin Beautymaker from 女人我最大 can't speak a lick of English either, but he can sure create amazing makeup looks.

I truely believe these pumps from Forever21 were a steal at $15. Mr.W doesn't like them because they aren't "bling bling" enough, but really, what does men know about shoes, unless they're gay, shoe sales men, or both.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Madness

This is for you... thank you for being you and for being my pillar of strength.


MARCH was..... interesting, needless to say. It was is so busy that time is non-existent. When you work 50 hour weeks your life seems to be put on hold and when you wake up from this terrible hazy sleep it's already April. THIRTY MORE DAYS. To those caught in busy season, let us pull through! Fighting!

我一定會 辦得到!!!

Some FOTM (feature of the month) from work, including the dinner at Medieval Times, which was enjoyable but would have been better if we weren't caught in the rain and if they served the food with forks and knives. Just because the actors were deep in part does not mean I will eat like a savage!

A horrid death for this guy.....

One of my client's buildings is situated next to a MAGIC BUILDING. At the same time, it's totally awesome and creepy that something like this exists.

Interesting, and then some. Across the street is where the homeless hang out.....

Despite the lack of sleep and stringent exam prep schedules, Mr.W and I still managed to go eat some unhealthy food at Boston Pizza and celebrate the fact that the washroom is finally complete! (It's the perfect washroom FYI).

My lasagna, which honestly, I cannot tell from food or poopoo.

And another lasagna that looks like they took the stuff from your digestive system and rebaked for 20 minutes. Or maybe it's just my phone.

The washroom completely covered in tiles, glass and wonderfulness.

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