Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Best Things...

There aren't many things that make me smile; they are hard to come by. So when I find something that truly makes my heart swoon and my smile beam like sunshine, I keep it close to my heart. This post is actually inspired by fellow Torontonian Cleone, who is a minimalist, a beauty queen and a very talented girl. Her post titled "最美好的事情" roughly translated to "The most beauty things..." has so many points that resonates bits and pieces of my life. 

So I share with you, 10 best things that make my life awesome the way it is:

1. Tim Horton's rim says "you win a free coffee!"
2. When... I kindly let a random stranger merge in front of me and in receipt I get a little thank you hand gesture
3. When... friends and family think I am so musically talented, but the only song I can play is River Flows In You by muscle memory
4. When... I walk from 40 degrees humid weather into blasted AC at the mall (I think this is happiness for most people!)
5. When... ajummas speak to me in Korean 
6. When... Mr.W holds my hand on a crowded street
7. When... I am freed from the prison of my bra at the end of the day
8. When... served with a great piece of medium rare steak and a glass of wine
9. When... I am able to let go and forgive those who have wronged me
10. When... I find money in my pockets I've forgotten about
BONUS: (taken from Cleone and oh so true) - trying samples (at T&T) without the intentions of ever buying the product

What are some things that make your life complete? 

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