Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shiseido - The Makeup Gloss and Shimmering Stick

Awhile ago I mentioned that I scored some good deals at the Shiseido annual warehouse sale. I've finally found the time to swatch it for you guys! At the sale I purchased the The Makeup Glosses in G1 - Champagne Sparkle and G4- Petal Pink; the Shimmering Stick in SL1 and the Perfecting lipstick in P8 (Shy Pink). I believe the glosses retail for $20 and the lipsticks for $30 but I purchased all for $10 a pop because I think these are from the 2008 line (don't think they are discontinued yet though). 

The glosses are very glossy (evident in the swatches below) and make a very good combination with the lipsticks or can be worn alone. The shimmer stick in SL1 is very moist and has a very glossy finish, but I think it works better with Champagne Sparkle on top. If you wear it alone, think of having frosty nude lips because of the glitter.... The Perfecting stick in Shy Pink is a matte coral pink (don't know why it's that red in the photo - refer below for a more representative shade). I love this lipstick because it's hydrating and glides on like butter - with no friction at all!

I'm off to prep for Canada Day! No work = lounging at the beach. Don't be too jealous =P

P.S. Just wanted to say hi to my new readers (:

Monday, June 21, 2010

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays

Part of my 365 days project

Happy photo bloggn' Monday! 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vasanti Tinted Lipbalm is LOVE!

My fellow blogger Macnunu has tweeted that Rexall is having a 50% discount on all their lip products. Too bad I already picked up my Revlon Colorburst Soft Nude for $10 several days ago! But, I couldn't help buying some more Colorbursts. I mean who can resist a sale! If there is a nearby Rexall to you, I recommend dropping in and browsing through the selections of drugstore lipsticks!

What I wanted to talk about today is Vasanti's tinted lipbalm. Because of the Rexall sale I picked up one of their lipbalms to try out. Vasanti Cosmetics is owned by three Canadian women and became an organization in 1998. Apparently, this cosmetics line was originally created to cater to women with more "exotic" looks. I don't want to define"exotic" so interpret as you please =P Vasanti also claims their products are not tested on animals (yay!).

There are reviews out there on Vasanti's Liquid Cover Up which is already a really popular product. However I decided to test the waters with their tinted lip balm. I picked up Bahamas, which is a brownish plum shade and according to Vasanti's site is one of their top sellers. Vasanti's tinted lipbalm uses ingredients like vegetable oil, seed oil, beeswax, shea butter (which is why it's very moisturizing), mango seed butter (sounds exotic and yummy), BUT it does contain paraben.

-very moisturizing!
-moderate selection of colors
-almost no taste at all
-glides on really smoothly like butter
-made in Canada... =D

-pricey at $15 when tinted balm from burt bees is 1/3 of its price (but get it 50% on sale now at Rexalls!)
-not widely available -- it's available at Rexalls/SDM for CDNs and at Ultas for Americans.
-contains paraben, so if you're allergic.... avoid :(

This is how it looked on my lips (with nothing else on my lips). Top is no flash and bottom with flash. I don't know why the color looks so vastly different but (reuploaded!!) it's definitely more pink than coral and more purple than pink ha! The color on your screen may not be a true representation of what it will look on your lips since my lips are fairly dark in nature but all I can say is that it makes my lips so soft! 

Has anyone else tried Vasanti before? Also who has picked up Revlon's Colorburst lipsticks!? I have Soft Nude, Soft Rose and Carnation. But Blush is sold out! *cries*

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hi Lovelies (that include boys too)!

I am back from vacay! My tan's really ugly so I'm not going to even mention much about it XD.

Vegas in 5 lame photos
I don't know where the rest of the photos are... must be on another laptop but my selection was very limited, therefore you get 5 boring photos of Vegas and the Grand Canyon =P

I'll be back with some reviews soon of some new products I've been trying~ Before I end this post, I'd like to share a giveaway hosted by the former hannahloves aka Elli Duvolles! Join her I HAVE SEOUL' MAKEUP GIVEAWAY!!

Happy bloggn' Monday!

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