Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The art of blogging

I guess I have not been blogging much because there's really nothing to blog about, except on debits and credits, which is what I deal with, pretty much every day. 我很羨慕那些擁有一手好文采的人,無論是亂寫一通還是認真去寫,還是能讓人看到回味. I am even more envious of those who can draft a whole entry in chinese. Why? Because it's more poetic. Often enough, I'd wish I can express my thoughts in chinese, clearly and concisely. And each time I do, it comes out as verbal garbage. I don't wish to be articulate, because we all know those are boring people, but I wish to write so that it inspires other people, to write, live, dance, and whatever pleasures their hearts. I wish to find my own writing style, unique to myself, and one that I can be proud of.


無論是我的明天 要去哪裡
所以我說 就讓他去

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