Saturday, March 07, 2009

Pretty in Pink....?

(credits: google images)

I rarely do make up reviews, actually, come to think of it I don't do them at all. Partly because I don't have the money to afford a large collection, and secondly I'd do a crappy job at it. But I do know what colors I like and what colors should look decent on me. One type of beauty product that I'd like to keep a part of my life in vain is nail polish. I love this stuff - I don't wear it often, but I love it. I don't particularly enjoy the smell, but all those colors of the rainbow!

When I was younger I had the habit of biting my nails until I self developed an overbite. BUMMER. So, my mom forced me to wear nail polish and at some point I think encouraged my addiction. I purchased bottles and bottles of these toxic and flammable things, filling up my shelves with rows and rows, and more rows of it. They eventually dried up, because instead of wearing them I simply looked and admired their beauty. Nail polish did reasonably well on curing most of my nail biting habits, though I'd still occasionally find myself without part of my nails when I am nervous, bored or in exam mode.

Today, I only purchase light and pale colors since I cannot imagine going goth at work. Though I know grey is the new trend, trends can make or kill you especially if it's a dark color. I once wore this brooding red to work (previous trend) but ended up chipping it after several days. Unfortunately upper management noticed too and chewed me out on it. As such, I only wear pale pink, purple or clear colors now. So the other day I purchased the Revlon ColorStay Bonding Color in Always Sheer Camisole to be adventurous (my horoscope told me so).

In my opinion, I would NOT purchase this product again. Why? At $5 a pop, it does not slide on easily. It streaks after one or two coats and if you put any more on, it becomes almost white. How is that ALWAYS Sheer Camisole?? Throw me a bone here! Maybe it's because I am cheap and skipped out on the 2nd bonding step where you are suppose to use Revlon's clear coat nail polish. But am I going to spend another $5 for that stuff when I have a $2 Sally Hansen sitting at home? NO. I still do not believe that using the 2nd bonding color will solve the streaking problems. I think this is just a poor product in general. Now I'm not claiming that the other colors in the series are just as bad. I haven't tried them, so I have no opinion, but I can only conclude that Sheer Camisole is not qualified for my nails. The packaging (the bottle) is decent since it's dainty and all, and the color is a cute pink, but my gosh, it must be my hideous nails producing this big mess of a result if it's not Revlon's.

Product: 2/5
Price: 3/5
Package: 3/5
Repurchase: No


anna. said...

Aaww, it's a pretty color though!

I'm not much of a nail person because I like my nails short. I just can't stand long nails for some reason. That's probably why I rarely paint my nails.. unless I get really bored in the summer hahas.

missmicchan said...

I would have loved to see your rows of nail polish back in the day haha..ya I hate it when nail polish gets streaky. I find it happens more often (with me anyways) with light colours. btw, your work sounds strict..>_<


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