Sunday, December 06, 2009

Post UFE Hauls

Needless to say, the few afters the results were posted, I rewarded myself with purchases. I was a pretty happy shopper that day I must admit!

I went by Mosaic for some jewelry. This place is possibly one of my favorite places to shop for jewelry because they sell affordable and very cute pieces. I purchased the 925 rhodium plated Mosaic Heart Ring encrusted with pink CZ gems and a white ToyWatch from the Plasteramic Watch Collection. ToyWatch is Italian designer wrist watch company that specializes in offering luxury style watches at low prices.They sell watches which essentially cater for the 'young' fashionable market, and have some famous clientelle. Including Oprah Winfrey, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Al Gore, Charlize Theron (source: Wikipedia). Miley Cyrus is wearing the same one I purchased below:

(bracelet also from Mosaic!! The watch face plate 1.61inches in diameter, but it looks huge because my wrist is tiny)

ToyWatches can also be purchased from Holt Renfrew locations listed on the Canadian website. The White Plasteramic dial with crystal markers retails $225USD on the website, but I believe Canadian retailers sell it at $300CDN. I have not checked out the prices at Holt Renfrew but prices should be comparable to Mosaic.
I stopped by Sephora and picked up another Shu Uemura curler because I was getting so fed up with my Sana spring curler - it just won't curl my lashes properly and pinches my eyelids (therefore, despite the good spring effort in the curler, I do not recommend it!) I also picked up OPI Sephora nail polishes in Metro Chic and Under My Trench Coat. Metro Chic is a rather brooding muddy grey shade with a hint of purple. With two coats, it's still pretty purple, but three coats will make it smokey grey. I'm a shimmer or nude color type of gal, so I'm still getting use to this shade! I have not tried My Trench Coat yet but it appears to be grey with gold shimmer ^___^

I love The Big Bang Theory so I picked up a copy of the second season, which I will probably rewatch many many times. This show is seriously too underrated! I also hauled from F21 but got too lazy to take photos of my purchases =P. That concludes the gifts to myself....time to shop for Christmas presents!

Hope you all girls have a fun and relaxing weekend!


Anonymous said...

Haha, I so totally know what you mean about shopping at Winners! It can be so frustrating sometimes especially when it comes to being overcrowded grrrr..

freshelle said...

congrats on passing ufe! my frd also sat for 09 exam and passed - if he failed, the big 4 would've fired him! lol

i picked up the lost symbol at chapters, but i'm sure indigo or coles would have the same discount. 60% off with the irewards card, really good deal! i only paid $16-17 for it.

Savvy Gal said...

oh i like your new watch.


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