Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January Giveaways

There are some awesome giveaways from bloggers this month! Check them out below:

1. Michievous Mack great Nature Republic and Skinfood giveaway. She's so generous with her prizes! Follow her blog on great reviews of masks and participate in her giveaway (:

2. Lisa of He Qi Crystal Designs is having 300 follower giveaway. Please support her shop and for Haiti donations!!

3.Kate Gene's 100 follower giveaway! She's giving really fabulous prizes, check out her blog!

4. Tammy from tummycake: -3 calories, 0 grams of fat is having her first giveaway! You'll definitely wish you can win this giveaway...

5. Dollymix 184 has a giveaway that ends Feb 26th, check her blog out!

6. Tastes Like Glitter has a 100 Follower Giveaway! And she has Lush as part of her prize.....!!!

7. Stacie's 3rd Mini Giveaway!.... And it just gets better each time!!

8. Koala's Life's 100th Post Giveaway - gotta give it to this girl for her wonderful giveaway! Check out her FOTD posts!

9. Winoxicity is having a giveaway for gorgeous Koh nailpolishes!

10. Dainty Dollymix is having a 300 Follower giveaway with brand new prizes. Look at the fabulous-ness (is this even a word?!) of it all ^__^

11. Jeweled Thumb has a 50+ follower giveway!

Good luck to those who have entered these giveaways!


Savvy Gal said...

this is quite a list. Don't forget to enter freshwater pearl necklace giveaway on my blog.

Eva said...

me too!! vanness looks so good now!! i hated his long hair in MG I'm on ep 10 of AC so not caught up yet hehe oh i see that you're canadian *high five* yeah j-dramas can be a little crazy but that they are fast and to the point but they lack romance unlike tw and kr dramas hehe


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