Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Gmarket Haul and February Giveaways

I finally have time to post my Gmarket haul! I made an order in the last week of January but shipping was slower this time around because some of the sellers were a little bit slow to domestically deliver the items. So during that period I stalked my EMS tracking # RELIGIOUSLY. The F5 button was my favorite key! I literally refreshed the page 10 times in an hour.

I purchased three dresses, a pair of shoes and a bag. The shipping surprised me because it cost almost the same as my last purchase....

 My favorite mascot!! =P
Again, the packages came in a massive box! I guess it keeps the items from getting crushed and damaged. The items were each packaged neatly in their own thick plastic wrappings (the ones where you may have a hard time pulling apart without a pair of scissors). 

 Items unwrapped!

To be honest, the quality of the purse/bag disappointed me. It felt so flimsy and the inside lining was made of something slightly thicker than wrapping paper. When you place things inside it, it makes crackling/wrapping paper sounds! (go crinkle some wrapping paper and you get the idea....). The seller is 오렌지노블 and have appeared to no longer ship internationally or currently have none in stock. Also the colors of the stock photos are slightly deceptive since the purse I ordered was suppose to be off white/ivory with a tint of peach, however the one that arrived was more gold.



I love these shoes! They're made of suede and attract dust particles very easily (you can tell from the photo as well) but I think they're very high quality and the heels feel very sturdy. The only thing that irks me is the buckles. They're not the normal buckle down ones but kind of resemble paper clips where you hook one end onto another. It's difficult to explain but I find that many asian manufacturers use these types of "buckles" for their shoes... I guess it's more cost efficient?! But there's a risk that they can "unbuckle" more easily.

The seller is ★블루베리★ and has tons of other great shoes! I'm definitely going to check them out again for heels.

I've only had the chance to wear one of the dresses I purchased and I don't have actual photos so I am going to use stock photos from Gmarket.


Out of all the dresses I purchased, I am most pleased with this one... it also resembles the stock photo the most =P I haven't purchased from this seller before (★캣츠걸★) but I think the sizes run small! I normally wear small but I purchased the medium size and still feel/look fat in it! It's veryyyyy tight fitting but the quality's great. It doesn't look cheap like some clothing from Asia and is actually made in Korea! (I actually purchased some items from Gmarket from sellers in Korea that had items made in China!) Looking at the ratings for this seller, their items may be a hit and miss as some people were disatisfied with their purchases, however I'm going to purchase from them again since they have really cute and fashionable dresses!

 I purchased these two dresses from the same seller and was slightly disappointed with the quality.  The material was still decent but it could have been better for the prices I've paid. The beads on the white top were coming lose and paint were coming off. Also the dresses had a funky odour to them when I first took them out of the packaging. This seller (디데이) definitely purchases their dresses from different manufacturers because the dresses were from different brands. They offer many other styles of dresses which are also very cute, but I would caution on the quality of the dresses.

Overall, this Gmarket haul drastically differ from my other order as there were no misunderstanding. Service was efficient!... and writing this review makes my finger itch to go on the site again... my poor wallet!

Now for the February Giveaways! The giveaways this month include:

1. Steph of Julu Jewelry's Valentine's Giveaway!


My favorite jewelry blogger is having a Valentine's giveaway! (insert following emotion: SUPER EXCITED) I really wish I can win the Aurora's kiss earrings to add to my earrings collection!!

Prizes include:
1st place:
-Lizzy Loves Darcy Necklace in Sterling Silver
-Assorted Candies
-Surprise Lush products

2nd place:
-Aurora's Kiss Earrings in Sterling Silver
-Assorted Candies
-Surprise Lush product

3rd place:
$5 Gift Certificate to Julu Jewelry

2. Ezzie and Breezy's Valentine's Day Giveaway!

There are tons of great prizes!
1st Place Winner gets 2 Ezziebell Earrings and a Urban Decay Show Pony Shadow Box Palette
2nd Place Winner gets 2 Ezziebell Earrings and a Too Faced Easy on the Eyes Gift Set

3. Giovanna is hosting another giveaway on her blog Boho Market! This time you can win wonderful necklaces from Kelly Berkey Designs.


This necklace (that could be potentially yours!) is so adorable! Join the giveaway now - it ends Feb 8th, 2010.  

4. Ani from is having her Panda Giveaway!


 She hand made these!!  So talented... I can barely sew a button....

5. Jeweled Thumb has a 100 follower giveaway and look at the prizes O___O 

They're totally awesome!!


pandablush said...

thanks for commenting ;)
lovely dresses! ive always wanted to buy from gmarket but i dont know how / too lazy haha.
i bought the lashes from :)

anna. said...

Cute dresses! I've always wanted to shop at gmarket but the ems shipping cost always turns me off hahas.

I believe you can get the physical copy of the Gu Xiao Wei book at I think they ship overseas.

Stephanie said...

i always wanted to try to order from gmarket but I had trouble with the korean, haha.

i know what you mean about gagging from sweet scents. ack!


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