Saturday, February 13, 2010


I've been lemming the icecream phone for the LONGEST time and then suddenly the Lollipop gets released! I just had to (well not had to but let's just say the resistance was futile) get my hands on one.

(source: various google photos)
From top to bottom, left to right (all LG phones): KF350 (ice cream), GD580 (Lollipop), GW300, BL20

Out of all these phones, I ended picking up today....

 The GD580 aka the Lollipop! (mhmm I guess it's not much of a given the post title... =__=;;).

I cannot give a detail review yet because I haven't used it... much. I've played around with it for a good 4 hours. I'll probably only post up any issues I have with the phone since there are plenty of specifications/features review and photos out there. I'm not sure how much I like LG phones because I know they're slower and not as reliable in terms of providing reception. As you can see my previous phones were ALL Sony Ericssons. My "current" phone prior to the GD580 was the G900 which I'm still going to use since it's a smart phone and so sleek and handy, but I couldn't resist the temptation of sporting such a cute pink phone!

I also love the LED lights and how if you want to mute your phone from a phonecall, simply flip the phone over! Surprising, the camera provides good quality photos (at least on the screen) for 3MP camera. The camera tends to take more yellow photos but nothing that the white balance function cannot fix. Even the 1.3MP internal camera appears to be of decent quality.

Here is a video of Big Bang playing with the selca function. I still cannot figure out how to set the function settings for the internal camera so that it changes the faces (kind of like Macbook's photo booth) as seen in the Big Bang video. Maybe it's only available on the Korean Cyon phone version? Does anyone with a Lollipop know how to use this function?

Are you currently thinking of switching to a different phone? If so, which one?


Stephanie said...

i am! I'll miss my ghetto one though! I don't know what phone to get since i refuse to pay 30/month for internet and what not. All the cool phones I'm looking at make it required. :( Your new phones looks cool though!

anna. said...

Can I kill you now? lol just kidding! <3 I'm so jealous! I wanttttt. I never get any of the cool phones since I can't afford it :(


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