Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vasanti Tinted Lipbalm is LOVE!

My fellow blogger Macnunu has tweeted that Rexall is having a 50% discount on all their lip products. Too bad I already picked up my Revlon Colorburst Soft Nude for $10 several days ago! But, I couldn't help buying some more Colorbursts. I mean who can resist a sale! If there is a nearby Rexall to you, I recommend dropping in and browsing through the selections of drugstore lipsticks!

What I wanted to talk about today is Vasanti's tinted lipbalm. Because of the Rexall sale I picked up one of their lipbalms to try out. Vasanti Cosmetics is owned by three Canadian women and became an organization in 1998. Apparently, this cosmetics line was originally created to cater to women with more "exotic" looks. I don't want to define"exotic" so interpret as you please =P Vasanti also claims their products are not tested on animals (yay!).

There are reviews out there on Vasanti's Liquid Cover Up which is already a really popular product. However I decided to test the waters with their tinted lip balm. I picked up Bahamas, which is a brownish plum shade and according to Vasanti's site is one of their top sellers. Vasanti's tinted lipbalm uses ingredients like vegetable oil, seed oil, beeswax, shea butter (which is why it's very moisturizing), mango seed butter (sounds exotic and yummy), BUT it does contain paraben.

-very moisturizing!
-moderate selection of colors
-almost no taste at all
-glides on really smoothly like butter
-made in Canada... =D

-pricey at $15 when tinted balm from burt bees is 1/3 of its price (but get it 50% on sale now at Rexalls!)
-not widely available -- it's available at Rexalls/SDM for CDNs and at Ultas for Americans.
-contains paraben, so if you're allergic.... avoid :(

This is how it looked on my lips (with nothing else on my lips). Top is no flash and bottom with flash. I don't know why the color looks so vastly different but (reuploaded!!) it's definitely more pink than coral and more purple than pink ha! The color on your screen may not be a true representation of what it will look on your lips since my lips are fairly dark in nature but all I can say is that it makes my lips so soft! 

Has anyone else tried Vasanti before? Also who has picked up Revlon's Colorburst lipsticks!? I have Soft Nude, Soft Rose and Carnation. But Blush is sold out! *cries*


M.A.C.nunu said...

Ooooh these look good....never tried Vasanti stuff before, maybe I should...drop by...
This sale is evil, it makes us justify buying lots of lippies!!!
Bah, I wish Canadian shipping wasn't insanely expensive, that way I cld send you a Blush!

Silkybow said...

Hey sorry, I don't remember the seller on Gmarket but I tried searching and I don't think it's in stock anymore.


Sheila said...

I see "very moisturizing" and I want! But I seriously do not need any more lip products. I had Macnunu pick up some Colourbursts for me during the same but OMG no more lippies.. not to mention the 30 or so other ones I bought this year o____0

But... it looks so good!!!! (as you can see, I am in a dilemma =/)

Jenny said...

the colour looks really pretty!! i also picked up some colorbursts just yesterday when i found out about the sale! but that pharma didn't have vasanti cosmetics, i must go to another one and raid their store! lol

Tammy said...

Wow I don't know what to make of the colour because it's so different between the two pics lol I haven't tried the lippies myself, only have tried their Eye Wonder Cream and one of the eye palettes. They're not cheap for a drug store line hey??

As for the blush, I actually only use a skunk brush to apply the JS blush, so I wouldn't say I PACK it on. All in all, I'd say the blush is much sheerer than say, NARS or MAC, but it's not as sheer as some people make it out to be bc the darkest shade is pigmented in its own right :)

Blair said...

Ooh, Blush is sold out? *is tempted to get it*

These Vasanti Tinted Lipbalms look just like lipsticks! They are indeed expensive, I'd rather buy cheaper lipbalms since I go through them so quickly =[

Anonymous said...

such a cute pink colour!! Ive never heard of this brand but it sounds realy good :D

goto UK and you can pick up a brit accent XD

♥sormui♥ said...

the pink lips looks really sexy on u!!

and im wearing 2 coats of pink petal cept its really streaky at first.... I needed lots of practice putting it on!

Pop Champagne said...

The color is nice, it gives it that nice tint without it being too much. I used Revlon's colorblock and it's not bad but still prefer NYX i think! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

What a gorgeous pink! I'll need to be on the lookout the next time I'm at Ulta. :D

anna. said...

The pic with the flash looks sooo good! I love that shade of pink!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Canadian companies! Looks like a very pretty colour. And I'm always in for lipbalm!


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