Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stonegrill on Winchester

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Stonegrill on Winchester is located in old Cabbagetown, a part of Toronto filled with rustic and interest buildings. I think this part of the city used to be filled with Spanish and Greek immigrants before they migrated to Danforth. I visited Stonegrill in the summer because it offered an interesting way of cooking food - on a heated stone! The restaurant actually offers two methods: you can grill your own meat on the heated stone or have the chef cook the meat on a stove (inside the kitchen). But obviously cooking your own meat sounds more thrilling.... Stonegrill is smart - they get you to pay a premium for the unique experience and have you cook/serve yourself!

The price is affordable but it is by no means cheap. The pricing is mid-range so it gets pushed into the fine dining category as prices start at $30 for the main course (if you want to grill the meat). If you visit during the promotional seasons (i.e. Summerlicious or Winterlicious), it would be worthwhile, but otherwise, I would consider it a splurge. I had a decent time but would have probably enjoyed my food more if I had better culinary skills....(I have to admit, grilling salmon to perfection is quite difficult)

If you ever decide to visit Stonegrill, let me know what you think of it! 

Food: (or more depending on your cooking skills :p)
Price: $$$

Located at: 51B Winchester St. Toronto ON

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