Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Madness

This is for you... thank you for being you and for being my pillar of strength.


MARCH was..... interesting, needless to say. It was is so busy that time is non-existent. When you work 50 hour weeks your life seems to be put on hold and when you wake up from this terrible hazy sleep it's already April. THIRTY MORE DAYS. To those caught in busy season, let us pull through! Fighting!

我一定會 辦得到!!!

Some FOTM (feature of the month) from work, including the dinner at Medieval Times, which was enjoyable but would have been better if we weren't caught in the rain and if they served the food with forks and knives. Just because the actors were deep in part does not mean I will eat like a savage!

A horrid death for this guy.....

One of my client's buildings is situated next to a MAGIC BUILDING. At the same time, it's totally awesome and creepy that something like this exists.

Interesting, and then some. Across the street is where the homeless hang out.....

Despite the lack of sleep and stringent exam prep schedules, Mr.W and I still managed to go eat some unhealthy food at Boston Pizza and celebrate the fact that the washroom is finally complete! (It's the perfect washroom FYI).

My lasagna, which honestly, I cannot tell from food or poopoo.

And another lasagna that looks like they took the stuff from your digestive system and rebaked for 20 minutes. Or maybe it's just my phone.

The washroom completely covered in tiles, glass and wonderfulness.

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