Monday, April 20, 2009

A Mini Haul

Collectively, my sister and I are slowly updating our makeup collection by adding and deleting piece by piece. I think it's more of a concern for me since I still have mascara and concealer from university. But then again, my sister uses expired sunscreen.

I ordered the Shiseido Integrate lipstick in shade #399 last week and the box arrived a tad dented, but still in good condition!

(Photo credits: I transferred my entries from my previous blog)

The color looks like it could be a deep hot pink but it's actually quite sheer and not as pigmented as I'd imagined. It's a nice color but I was looking for a lighter more baby pink for a spring/summer look. I guess that's my cue to do more hauls! ^__^

This is Lancôme's blush in Miel Glace and was $34CDN! The packaging was nothing exciting but at least had GWP (some of Lancome's best products face/hand creme is included). Unfortunately the makeup case is pretty fugly and undermines the concept of beauty....

I bought MUFE's HD primer in Mauve from Sephora to test out since I've heard great reviews on it. I was debating between this and the one in green that reduces redness but I think I tend to emit sallow yellowness more often (you know, being Asian and all). I also purchased Maybelline's eyebrow pencil to experiment with. I know I have eyebrows but sometimes I think they deserve to be pampered and given more attention. Side note, when I was a Sephora, I noticed that the beauty consultants are rather low in standards. The one who tried to offer me her services had three very noticable flaming pimples that looked ready to be popped. Yes, that offers quite a lot of encouragement for customers to purchase their products. Not to mention, she also had a very heavy chinese accent so it made it really difficult to ask her about specific products I was looking for. Okay, can't really flame her for her lack of English skills because I'm sure Kevin Beautymaker from 女人我最大 can't speak a lick of English either, but he can sure create amazing makeup looks.

I truely believe these pumps from Forever21 were a steal at $15. Mr.W doesn't like them because they aren't "bling bling" enough, but really, what does men know about shoes, unless they're gay, shoe sales men, or both.

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anna. said...

I also bought the HD primer in mauve last night! Waiting for it to arrive :D


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