Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Already December

Time flies!! It's already December.... at least I have parts of my vacation planned and booked! I'm going on a cruise this Christmas but because it's last  minute I feel as if the pricing is a bit of a rip off...plus the reviews were not so comforting. What are some cruise/cruise lines you've been on that gave you a memorable experience?

Anywayyy....below are some incredibly kind and awesome ladies and their giveaways!

LMX is giving away a Clarisonic Plus for the Face and body! Giveaway ends November 30, so join now!

The second giveaway I want to mention is...

xLovelyMakeupx's Lush Giveaway!

I love Lush! The smell is really intoxicating everytime I walk past the store in Eatons. Her giveaway also ends November 30, so don't miss out the opportunity.

Princesa Livia has a fantastic giveaway that ends December 7, 2009. Join her Sleek giveaway!

The last awesome giveway is from xshakespear.and.stilettosx:

xshakespeare and stilettosx's giveaway ends December 7, 2009. Follow her blog and enter the giveaway before you forget!

Have a wonderful Tuesday~

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熊貓girl said...

hihi ^^ Thanks for following me and for the comment :) I like your blog its cute =) must try entering those giveaways, but i get lazy =(


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