Monday, November 23, 2009

Splendour without Diminishment (an understatement?)

November was a pretty intense and busy month. I was sent to the west coast, Splendor sine occasu, for a quick work excursion.... and it was work work work work all week. The best time I had was the five hour flight back home...I guess that says alot!

I managed to take some time to try out the sushi, which turned out to be a disappointment considering the west coast is known for fresh fish. I mean they're suppose to be right from the coast! I must say it's only comparable to Toronto (maybe it's because I was not in Vancouver City?!). I did try the pannekoek from De Dutch, which is similar to I Feel Like Crepe, serving savory and sweet, not crepes, but pancakes - dutch style. According to De Dutch, the Pannekoek, pan_ne_koek (pãn-ne-kõõk), n. is a genuine Dutch pancake, tasting similar to the traditional North American pancake and is slightly thicker than a crepe. It has a circumference of 37", a diameter of 12" and if you cut it into square inch pieces you will enjoy 113 bites. Simply delightful any way you like, but the customary way is to roll it up and cut off bite-size pieces.

I'm more of a savory type of gal, so I ordered "The Windmill" which consists of Shaved Wild British Columbia Smoked Salmon, imported Edam Cheese and Hollandaise Sauce. Actually being the diva that I am, I replaced the Hollandaise sauce with two eggs.

Other than the mediocre food, the scenery was a good change. I think the pollution is less prominent in the west; the drivers even drive less aggressively!

But it's still better to be home.

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