Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays and Gmarket Haul

trHappy Holidays!! It's snowing and super cold in Canada, but I managed to avoid parts of the freezing temperature temporarily.

I just came back from the sunny Nassau and the Bahamas and is every so slighly tanned... and to also find the airports in chaos! It's difficult to be so detached to the world when you are on vacation and then to find out there was almost another catastrophe! Anyway, I digress.... loved the weather!

The Bahamas

Also, my Gmarket order came! I was so ecstatic because I thought it would never arrive, or that I would have to pay the shipping fee again, but Gmarket came through!! It makes me feel so appreciative how responsible Gmarket and the Korea Post is in comparison to Canada Post... complete awesome service!

The box it came in was HUGE..... and inside it was....


Just three packages!! Literally the three packages could have fit snuggly in that white box underneath the pink package... I guess the only complaint is the shipping fees (which is frustrating but won't prevent me from ordering again). To give a rough idea of what the shipping costs were like, for this order, shipping was 30% of the total cost, for <1.5kg. I ordered shoes, which made up most of the weight, but swim wear was locked in at 0.5kg.

I love the design and material of the second swim wear, which I believe you can actually use in a pool.... the seller is K-Girl and I'm pretty satisfied with the purchase. The first swim wear's quality is made of terry cloth, which is not appropriate in water, but will suffice for tanning purposes! I forgot who the seller was!


The shoes, are made of pleather, but the quality is surprisingly good for $15 (excluding shipping). I will definitely be purchasing more shoes!

Overall, albeit being so worried for not receiving my order, Gmarket came through in the end and I am still a happy customer. The process of ordering is only complex when going through all the options/designs to select the product since everything is written in Korean. Payment, however, is relatively easy because we can now pay through Paypal. Shipping is really fast, since I can see through the tracking slip that it arrives at the local post office within two days of shipping (but make sure your address is correct)!!


Stephanie said...

ooh, I didn't know they accept paypal now!

vi said...

Nice review you have there!I live in Canada too and im just so worried about the canadian customs! Did the canadian not charged you fees? Maybe cuz EMS did not list out the total of your purchase on the box? Please let me know

superwoolu said...

Hi Vi,

didn't know how to contact you but regarding customs, sometimes you will get hit with tariffs and sometimes not. Usually if your purchase is listed under $100 you won't get nailed by customs.


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