Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shipping Delays!!! GAHHHH

I am so upset with Gmarket and Canada Post!! I don't know if I am more frustrated with the Gmarket and it's confusing policies or Canada's customs and it's incompetencies. I'd probably bet on the latter.

I made my order a month ago and Gmarket shipped it within a day. It arrived in Canada the next day. Props to EMS! HOWEVER, that being said, my package sat at customs for nearly a month. Being the savy consumer, I thought, okay, fine, I'll just wait patiently for it to clear customs. Lo' and behold, I looked at my tracking slip and it said my package was shipped back to Korea yesterday.

Oh for goodness sake, WHY!!! I bought shoes and swim wear. How can that EVER be destructive. I don't think shoes have every killed anyone....oh sorry, I take it back. A shoe did almost killed George W. Bush.

I've contacted Gmarket and is waiting to hear from them, but the tracking slip says my package has been shipped out again and this time it's FINAL DELIVERY, whatever that means. I'm crossing my fingers, this time it will be successful!

Has this ever happened to you with your Gmarket packages?

{edit: post rant}
I just received a call from David from Gmarket telling me why my package was sent back. He said that Canada Post told them the address was wrong, which does not make sense at all! Again, I blame the Canadian postal system. There's some sort of conspiracy going on with Canada customs... plus the employees are rude. But, what a nice man David was. He told me my package will be shipped tomorrow and I should receive it within a week. No hassles, no extra costs. I think I've regained my confidence in Gmarket again! (Hopefully my package comes as stated....)


Giovanna ♥ said...

Thank you so much for participating on my giveaway, stay tuned because there will be more soon
Have a lovely weekend!

Savvy Gal said...

oh no..... that is frustrating. besides that, hope you have a happy holiday still. : ) xo


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