Friday, November 19, 2010

Wilfred in Taupe

Helloooo to Friday!

In an effort to get my mojo back up aka a la motivation to muster up some presentable post, I am sharing my OOTD. I'll be lying if I told you I wore this today because temperature is hovering the near negatives in Toronto, and unless my arms and legs were resistant to cold I'd never be able to survive wearing this outside now. But this outfit did keep me feeling pretty during the course of the summer.

What I wore: AE cardigan; Wilfred corsette dress; Gmarket sandals

I got the Wilfred corsette dress in taupe on sale at Aritzia at their summer blow out sale. The dress comes in another color (khaki or some shade of green) but did not have the cute pattern. Because of the corsette style, this dress makes you look really thin (but not starving skinny), though it also means you won't be able to breathe or eat until you strip out of the dress..... The size I purchased was 4 - I normally wear sizes 0-2 but Artizia sizes run small. But even in a size 4 I needed assistance in zipping this up because the material doesn't give any room since it's not stretchy fabric.

As a side note, I'd be weary of purchasing sandals with no soles from Gmarket (the flat ones)! They're worse than sandals from H&M, though really cute looking and cheap at $8. This pair was a miss for me because I've purchased sandals from Gmarket before and they were quite comfortable. But I mean, cost vs. feet pain. Your choice!

Happy Friday!

Miss Woolu


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hee hee…you have the cutest "face". ;) I used to put Lisa Simpson's face on my OOTD's then I got lazy and it became a big black Anyways, love your cute outfit! I've been hearing about Aritzia quite a bit but it sucks b/c we don't have it here. :\ Thanks for the Gmarket sandals tip!

Shop N' Chomp said...

By all means, feel free to XP

missmicchan said...

it sure is getting colder in Toronto..brrr (my bf is too cheap to put on the heat! haha he says he doesn't want to get used to it and will put it on when it gets REALLY cold -_-) lol

cute OOTD!

coffretgorge said...

hey hey hey cute and dainty gal! lurve the OOTD! aw. u made me miss my long hair! i want to grow it back but im now lazy to maintain long hair! LOL

stay warm babe! :)

Blair said...

Ughhh definitely feet pain wins! I'd buy more $ sandals hahaha in the hopes that they are more comfy lol

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! Ugh I know what you mean by cute but poorly made shoes/sandals! I try to avoid them .. But sometimes it's hard to resist huh!

Nanoce is made from japan! Currently, apparently no.1 seller for japanese bb cream. Blair asked for a thorough review so I'll be doing that sometime soon!

The UD is really awesome. I barely touched an old palette I bought from them 2 hrs back, quality was very poor! They have definitely improved for this palette :)

Anonymous said...

Darn iPad predictive txt I mean 2 years not hours!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Cute outfit! That sucks that the sandals aren't comfy, guess you get what you paid for!

Anonymous said...

Ah~ the blogging mojo. I think a lot of us bloggers have lost that when cold weather came around the corner T__T. Dang you wear small sizes!! *shakes fist* No, but seriously I LOL'ed at the "but not starving skinny" part. Very lovely outfit though, I must conjure up the creativity and get off my lazy butt and dress well. Ah, what am I saying... I'm so just going to use my coat as a cover haha!

I love the skincare line too, and only recently did I try other products in the line other than the moisturizers =D I actually like the Day Moisture Protection. I don't have a problem with any yellowing O__o but I do agree that it has low spf.


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