Friday, December 03, 2010

MAC Warehouse Sale - Dec 4, 2010

Hi lovelies!

This is not a true post but just to let those in the vicinity of Toronto know that the MAC/Estee Lauder Warehouse sale is ongoing from today (Friday) to Sunday. You will need a ticket to enter and are limited to a maximum of 4 items per each product available.

Late notice, but... I want to make one other blogger happy so I have one extra ticket for Saturday (December 4, 2010). 

1. Please DM me on Twitter if you are interested (no emails - they will not be responded to)!
2. Bloggers only aka I will not release the ticket to someone I have not seen on the blogspere.
3. Please be 18+, I don't want to be responsible for having minors get lost in the rush of mad MAC shoppers, plus, it's fairly far and located in a remote warehouse in Richmond Hill


Tammy said...

Why must you Torontonians get all the great warehouse sales?! *shakes fist* T_T

coffretgorge said...

why hello there miss MIA! hahaha ;)

thats so sweet of you to post these information up. I'm sure it will HELP a lot of shoppers ;)


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