Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tuesday Finds

Hellooo mon cheries! A quick update on a mundane Tuesday....

Went to Sephora today to help the Sister pick up her birthday gift and couldn't help but do some shopping...I'm such a nimble shopper!

I've also busied myself with crafting and packaging Christmas gifts =D My desk looks like the 5th day of WWII, but you're not a true crafter (which btw is NOT a real word...pffft) until you cannot find your crafting tools underneath all the mess!

Stay tuned for a holiday giveaway!

xoxo Miss Woolu


Tammy said...

Hheeh I've been Christmas cards lately and wrapping too so my room looks like... WWIII hahaha hope you're having a great holiday so far!

Anonymous said...

My younger sister isn't attached to The Bay either! In fact she quite hates it because of memories of my mom spending hours on end in there haha!!

Ooooh your gift wrapping is so PRETTY!!! I'm so lazy to gift wrap T__T I haven't wrapped a single present yet even though I have gift ready to be done so. Aiya, why am I so lazy? I've got to motivate myself to make them pretty like yours!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi hi! :D I am soo not a crafter which is why my presents always look generic...lol. I like how you wrapped those up!

Shop N' Chomp said...

The $20 resort fee covers all the amenities on the card I posted. Anything other than those amenities (for example, food at the bar) would be extra.


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