Friday, February 26, 2010

Chinese New Years and Jewelry Haul

I've been lazy and avoided blogging! Actually I've been swamped with work so blogging has been on the back burner lately..... at least I am blogging once a week! =P

Anyway here is my haul from Steph of Julu Jewelry:

Always the immaculate wrapper!! I love all the candy she included, of which I gobbled all up the next day! SO YUMMY! Steph was also too kind and included the VS sparkling eyeshadow in Twinkled Pink for me to try! Unfortunately my plans to dress up for Vday and to test out the eyeshadow failed because I ended up staying at home for CNY (therefore I decided to slob it down for the day =P)

I ordered the Golden Bow Earrings with Hearts and the Star Bit Clusters necklace. When I first saw the golden bow earrings I just fell in love with them!! I knew I had to have them so I made sure Steph reserved them for me. To be honest, I also had the deep sea blue hearts earrings in the shopping cart as well, but Mr. W said I was too greedy and should let some other girl out there be lucky for once... (aka I need to exercise some self restraint -__-;;), so in the end I had to let the other pair go... but now I am kicking myself because it looks like it's been sold! I've been wearing these almost every day because they are 14K filled wires and have not had any allergic reactions.

(testing out my internal 1.3MP camera on GD580 /lollipop cellphone.....not bad quality!)

I've also been interchanging my star bit clusters necklace with the small heart necklace (also from Julu Jewelry) every day causing Mr. W to be quite miffed since I've been neglecting the heart necklace he got for me from Swarovski -haha!!. Thanks Steph! (Don't worry, I take full responsibility for the petty arguments between Mr.W and I :p)


This is the montage of all the meat I had on chinese new years. My mouth is watering right now writing this post!! 

Happy Friday!!


anna. said...

The earrings are so cute!

Yum, meat! I love meeaatttt! hahas It makes me feel so fat just saying that.

M.A.C.nunu said...

Omg tonight's game was so insane, I have no voice or nails left xD I really hope you caught the end bit!
Nooooo they can't broadcast on EST, it's taking place on the west coast, we're all still working when u guys are sleeping!
Lol, but I'm kind of glad that it's only 2 weeks long, even us west coasters are getting tired of keeping up with everything.
If you do try that look out, tell me how it goes!or show me photos xD


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