Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics Finale

WOW, what a great finish for the Canadians!! Only two more gold medals to be won, so Canada definitely has the most gold medal finishes in the 2010 Olympics. This is definitely one of the many moments to be a proud Canadian!

What a great finish for JJ Anderson's 14 year career!! Did anyone catch the men's parallel giant slalom event where JJ went from 20th place to 10th place and then finally to gold? (I didn't *tear* but I was celebrating my own victorious win along with 1300 other candidates at a grand dinner).

I'm going to try and catch the men's gold match in ice hockey tomorrow! All fellow Canadians please cheer your hearts out tomorrow when our athletes duke it out with our neighbours in BC!


Yumeko said...

oooh i am finally see your blog!
wheee definetely following!

missmicchan said...

Yes! Awesome post :) Go Canada Go!


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