Sunday, February 28, 2010


I ♥ Sidney Crosby!! Actually I am certain the entire Canadian population is in love with this young man right now.

 (credits: google images)

Okay, this is not the most attractive photo, but he's our hero!!

I was playing around with Mr. W's cellphone this weekend and found some photos from the past summer and last summer when I was in Taiwan! I miss those times....

 Some old lady I snapped a photo of in Taiwan....I think her outfit was what caught my attention....

Mr. W and I with Lucky this summer...she's doesn't belong to us but to
a family member. Lucky's such a sweet dog! (and loves us more when she gets her treats!)

Outfit from last night or of the day...:

OOTD: sporting the dress I ordered from Gmarket and the star cluster necklace


missmicchan said...

I'm loving crosby too! Gold for Canada! :) Really pretty dress^^

Sheila P said...

I'm totally in love wity Sidney Crosby too <3

I was so excited for gold even though I'm all the way over here. The energy must be intense in your side of the globe =P

Anonymous said...

Haha, hey no worries I got a rose this year that dies too XD

Woohoo for Crosby!
Oh that dress is gorgeous!! I only own one dress.. which is my prom dress LOL. Really should invest in at least a little black dress.

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

oooh i <3 your dress :) I don't understand how to buy from g market ><

coffretgorge said...

Lucky looks affectionate indeed :) so nice to have dogs around :)

im loving your outfit! the dress is pretty and your necklace is so cute! they look good together. :)

thank you for dropping by coffretgorge and following! i appreciate it :)

ps. the la sana hair essence is so expensive on ebay, thats why i purchased thru rakuten. :)

hannahhloves said...

hey! i randomly came across your blog and it looks interesting so i am following now ( :
i have a question.. are you by any chance korean? correct me if i'm wrong^^
i look forward to your updates!!


M.A.C.nunu said...

I love that dress!!unfortunately it'll probably fall right off me cos I don't have the boobage to keep it up hahah!
I will duly look into ebay for hair velcro!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following and comment! Love the dress.. I could never pull off tube dresses like that! :)

Stephanie said...

that dress is soooo pretty! and the necklace looks great on you. I'm not just sayin' it. :) Can I use this photo on my slideshow? I love how it goes together! :D

I want to order that dress for my sister. I'll prolly have some questions on sizes and stuff when I do.

I wish I had a dog...

Yumeko said...

wow i love tat dress!

Tammy said...

Your dress looks so nice! Loving the detailed front ^^

haha I'm bad...I rarely remember to wear sunscreen :X


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