Monday, March 08, 2010

Open Thread: A Memory Keeper's Daughter & Oscars

Thanks guys for your comments on my dress! I really do love it because it's really cute in RL; now I just have to find another occassion to wear it!

This post is open thread (aka, I will be discussing my thoughts on more serious topics!). Has anyone read the book A Memory Keeper's Daughter? I found this book in my stash of untouched novels/non-fiction books two days ago. It's basically about a doctor (a selfish man IMO), who gave away his daughter with Down Sydrome (DS) away at birth. This act was all done without his wife's acknowledgement because he thought it would relieve her of any grief when their daughter died from complicated heart conditions.

Apparently in the 60s, because medical science was not advanced enough to keep children with Down Syndrome alive for more than a decade, parents often gave their mentally retarded, to be politically correct, children away to institutions. These children would eventually grow up without the privilege of attending a public school and basically get turned away from society because of their increased needs as they have lower than average cognitive abilities. You would think that the government would provide more fundings to aid parents to help their children adapt into society, but instead, these children get treated unfairly causing them to be eventually get deserted by their own parents. I think A Memory Keeper's Daughter main focus is not on the scientific problems of DS, but the emotional/psychological and physical behaviours of parents of children with DS. Because of the father's one act of stupidity, the series of events that came after had a snowball of negative effects. Because of his one decision, it lead to a lifetime of unhappiness for everyone around him. So, in the end, is it worth it?

To be honest, I don't know what I would do if my child had DS. It would be very unfortunate, but I don't think I would give my child away... that would be very inhumane! Regardless of any disabilities your child may have, I think we should still love them nonetheless. What would you do?

Anyway, did anyone catch the Oscars last night? I'm surprised Avatar left with almost nothing!! And Best Actress was definitely a surprise. People's Magazine was right on when they predicted that Sandra Bullock would win (props to her!), but I thought Meryl Streep would get it.... Did you guys like what was worn on the red carpet?

I am currently waiting on so many packages this month, which include two pending orders from Gmarket, but due to some glitches I have to wait a bit longer. I'll be posting when I receive the purchases (:


missmicchan said...

Wow...sounds like an interesting book. I would NEVER give up my child! I mean how could someone do that? I suppose everyone has a different outlook when it comes to having their own child. I just know that I would never give up my that's so sad just thinking about it. :(

Shop N' Chomp said...

It's sad to think in this day and age that people would do such a thing but I guess it was a different era back then. :( It sounds like a really fascinating read. On a lighter note, I did watch the Oscars but didn't have a fave in the best actress category b/c I love both Sandra and Meryl. Sandra was so cool and genuine in her acceptance speech. Can't wait to see your GMarket goodies! :)

P.S Thanks for joining my giveaway!

coffretgorge said...

can imagine my self crying over that book. how sad :( ALL children should right be raised by responsible parents and live in a happy home.

I was rooting for Meryll too! She is the best :) i love how she looked too, beautiful :)

I like the Ellie Saab gowns (Rachel McAdams) worn on the red carpet, so romantic and breezy.

lookin' forward to your gmarket haulie girl! :)

missmicchan said...

Ya I haven't received my order yet! >_< but..when I got home from work there was a mail slip from canada post so I have to go pick up the package tomorrow! Let's hope that's it!

Kay Elle said...

Learned from an 80-yr old doctor that people with DS were formerly referred to as Mongols...definitely a term with racial connotations.

Anonymous said...

I have heard of that book somewhere but not read it; it sounds really interesting!

I was pretty surprised too, but it was kinda nice that the underdog triumphed instead, for once!


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