Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 Honest Things About Me

I rarely do tags because a) I forget; b) it's time consuming; c) I don't think people want to know about me?!?

Anyway I got tagged by Steph and I have some time to kill on the Wednesday night *twiddle thumbs*.... plus it's only 10 things!

1. Insert any photo -- since I have incredibly low self esteem only my feet will grace this post.... =D

These are my bunny slippers! Unfortunately they are breaking near the toes.... Oh, also the photo came out like that! (no editing what so ever.... it was taken with my SE G900 phone... don't know how it happened but quite neat!)

2. I didn't start wearing makeup until university (and even then... actually even now I rarely do!!). I think I bought my first eyeliner after my sister purchased hers! I didn't think makeup was important, plus, my mommy always says that I am naturally beautiful.... =P Kidding aside, I didn't take into consideration of my appearance until university.

3. I love rockband. But I also suck at rockband.

4. I love grapes more than any other fruit (well...maybe watermelons). Someone once told me that grapes are the best because if you pick a bad one, you can throw it away and choose another. However, if you cut a bad orange (i.e. it's dry or sour), you're stuck with that orange.

5. I want to try circle lens, but is afraid of going blind. Health of eyes > curiousity

6. I play the piano, but I am not musically talented. I was just fortunate enough to be able to pick up an instrument.

7. I'm the shortest in my family, standing at approximately 5'2'', but I love flats too much to give them up for heels and be a few inches taller. Sometimes I do wish I was more lanky and tall!

8. I hate spicy food.

9. I have over 40 pairs of earrings (I didn't even count the ones I cannot find in my room yet....). I love collecting earrings, but I only wear a few pairs consistently.

10. I wish I could spend half the year in Asia and half the year in Canada! It's too cold in the winter so I want to be somewhere warm!

11. I guess the photo did not count as a fact....! I've been blogging for 8 years and have had three decent blogs before blogger. I don't know why I stopped writing in each of them - probably because the host got too ambitious and tried too many new things turning me off from using their platform. I like blogger! Sometimes I wish uploading photos and the html were not so confusing but overall it's pleasant enough for me to ignore these little nuances. Thank you to my fellow bloggers and followers for making blogging so much more fun!

I tag all of my... 19 followers (heheh) to do this! Except for Steph...Unless you want to share another 10 new facts.

Happy hump day!


Daituf said...

GOA eh? Maybe i'll try that for my next haircut... Haha... I'm always on the look out for something better :P
OMG, that is hilarious about grapes! And so true! I may steal that line to use as icebreaker at parties...

coffretgorge said...

oh i love your plushie slippers! i love kawaii slippers. i have rilakkuma and his head is so big, Lurvey likes to make fun of me whenever he sees me wearing it. LOL

hmm.. so does that mean i got tagged? thats a first! :)

Shop N' Chomp said... notch indeed! =D

That is one cool pic. The slippers are just too cute! Girl, I'd totally love to see a pic of all your earrings. I don't even have half that many! And 8 years?! Whoa.

Sheila P said...

I've already done a random things about me post... does that count? haha

Tammy said...

Oooo do you usually spend the other parts of your year in HK? Ahhh Canada is very cold :X Unfortunately, so is HK right now too :( least you have central heating!

Your bunny slippers are so adorable!

Stephanie said...

yeah for ladies at 5'2"

blogging for 8 years- WOW!

thanks for doing the tag. I liked learning a little bit more about you. :)

Kym said...

haha i'm so with you on many of these... especially about being bad with tags... steph tagged me on this too and i already warned her that i'm bad at tags. ;P

i didn't start wearing makeup until recently as well and even now, i just wear them on maybe friday/saturday nights out... when theres an occassion. to be honest, i'm just too lazy in the morning to spend time on it.. i'd rather sleep a few extra minutes. hehe!

Eva said...

hey thanks for commenting!! omg my fav fruit is grapes too! glad to see another canadian on here!!

missmicchan said...

ohhh interesting facts, how fun^^

40 pairs of earrings?!! You have got to take a photo of your earrings.. wow, so lucky! I have several pairs, but I also end up just wearing a couple pairs on a consistent basis ^^

hm...I suppose it's my turn for this tag (my first, thanks!) ^_^

anna. said...

Ii play the piano too! I'm not talented neither. It's a pity because I've been playing for 10 years and I still stuck. I wish I can play music my ear hahas.

Gasp, your slippers are adorable!

I'm not too fond of circle lenses neither. I have ridiculously small eyes so I did wanted to make them appear bigger so I ordered a pair for my friend. And it hurts like a motherfracker in one of my eye. I don't know why but I'm really scared of circle lenses right now.

Shop N' Chomp said...

I need some of that willpower you speak of. ;) I did fairly well I think. I only got one item! *pats self on back* :P

Anonymous said...

Oh interesting facts! I can definitely say we have some things in common! And some other things, you're like my younger sister haha! So weird!


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