Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Anna...Annabelle♡

I purchased my very first Annabelle product... I bought the Annabelle liquid eyeliner in Titanium because my Rimmel professional liquid eyeliner in ebony black was drying up.

Description from Annabelle website: A liner that is precise, smudge-free and easy to use - our liquid eyeliner is exactly that, with its fine felt-like tip and its long-lasting formula that dries quickly and stays put. The small tapered tube gives up as much as 830 applications! It is an eye makeup 'must' to properly define and contour your eyes.

There's 0.08 FL oz / 2.5 mL of product in the bottle for $8CAD, which is comparable to my Rimmel at 3.1mL at $8 or $9 (I cannot remember). As described on Annabelle's website, the eyeliner does sport a felt-like tip.I find that a felt-like tip gives more support than my Rimmel one which is a very thin brush. So the Annabelle brush definite gives more support, but draws equally as precise lines even though it may look thick in the photo!

Titanium has a purple/grey metallic sheen to it and is decorated with specks of white/blue/red fine glitter. Even though it's metallic it looks dark gray on my eyes because I draw a really thin line.

The product claims to be long-lasting and smudge-proof.... but....

It's not very smudge-proof!!!!! I lightly rubbed the area of my hand where I swatched and the glitter started to come off.... My Rimmel was more tolerant to the smudging and did not budge as much.

It's also not very long lasting!!!! I put my had under water and rubbed it lightly and BOTH the Annabelle and Rimmel came off (゚д゚;)...... I did not even bother testing it with my makeup remover because we all know what the verdict will be....

Despite all the fall backs of this product I really like the color! I don't find the price overly bearing, so I just have to make sure if I'm wearing it, I prime my eyes really well... (with the sketchy eyeliner primer I got from Taiwan and which I can no longer read the name of because it has fully rubbed off....). I don't recommend this to anyone with lots of eyelid oil (like me) since this will definitely give you panda eyes after 2-3 hours, maybe less if you end up rubbing your eyes.

Overall verdict:
Repurchase: Sitting on the fence, we'll see if any other products catch my eyes


Shop N' Chomp said...

Sorry to hear this didn't work out, babe. I have a prob with eyelid oil too so I'll be staying away from this. Thanks for the review!

coffretgorge said...

I've never heard or read about this brand before, the color is gorgeous, too bad its not smudge proof and long wearing. Panda eyes don't work for us ladies, let's leave it to the bears. hahaha :D

Nathalie said...

Thanks for this review :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hahaha...they won't think you're a creeper. :P Just say it's for your baby niece or something.

Anonymous said...

the liner colour is pretty! you should check out the revlon liquid eyeliner... it doesnt budge that much!

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

nice review! now i know to avoid the Annabelle liners. have you tried the Revlon, L'oreal or Prestige eyeliners? they work great for me and stay put all day :) xx

♣ai said...

thanks for the follow superwoolu :D
i never tried annabelle's liquid liner but i really love their smudge liners, its very easy and fast application to create a slightly smokey look~

LOLanne said...

im soo surprised sooo many brands sport the felt tip on their eyeliners now.. when i started putting on make up in highschool, the only brand that i knew of was loreal's lineur intense

... have you tried that?? that's pretty much my hg eyeliner. i have oily lids too buut i find that doesnt budge at all throughout the day :)


Hope Chella said...

Thanks for trying this all out!


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