Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lunasol Nail Swatches

Hello lovelies!

A while back I purchased two Lunasol nail finish from the 2009 Holiday collection. The polish comes in:
39 White Lighting, 40 Pearlish Pink, 41 Milky Pink, 42 Natural Beige, and 43 Pearlish Rose. I got the two in 42 Natural Beige and 43 Pearlish Rose. 


I love Pearlish rose! It gives off a sort of iridescent effect depending on the angles I look at my nails. Sometimes it looks pink/rosey and other times it looks peachy! There's slight shimmer in the nail polish. I cannot say I have the same feeling for Natural Beige. I am wearing two coats in the photo and it's not opaque! Maybe a third coat will do the trick but I don't like the feeling of thick nail polish on my nails :(

These are the similar nail polish I have to Pearlish Rose. I need to find a dupe though!! I bought this locally, but I cannot afford to continuously repurchasing this at $15/bottle (and there's limited stock)! You can obtain your own from online stores such as Mihoko who sells it for $24.50.

OOTD: What I wore running about to run errands yesterday
Cardigan - gmarket; wrinkly tshirt - f21; wrinkly shorts - jacob; watch - toywatch

Hahha, I don't know why all my clothing are wrinkly =P I do like the cardigan though, especially the buttons! I will put up a close up when I review the clothing I bought from gmarket a while back!

Hope you all have a lovely week! I will try to update more often =P


*xen said...

hello~ you have a lollipop! been tempted to buy it since it came out- you can guess how long ive waited. haha, but it is such a pretty phone to use.

ooh, a toywatch! could we get some upclose pics? ;D i saw your post re the etude house hellokitty creams.. how cute! i tried navigating the gmarket site but i keep getting stuck :( btw, have you tried the polishes from etude? they are pretty good in my opinion


ning * star said...

that's really nice outfit :)
nail polish from Etude House is lovely... I love them sooo, sooo, sooo, sooo..... much!

Sense Your Style said...

I love gmarket too!!! :)
I like your watch too~

hannahh♥s said...

i love the pearly pink!!
hope you have a great week dear!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Lovely nail shades! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the color of the nail polishes! I really like natural, light colors :)

What camera are you using?! It looks like the one I have hhahas.

I love your style! It's so cute and I love cardigans as well. They're just so comfy!

Mary said...

thanks for the pics! very girlish and pretty polishes!

Blair said...

Yup, Pearlish Rose is indeed pretty!!!

coffretgorge said...

they both look pretty on your hands ehlee :)

i like your outfit, wrinkly chic? hehe ;) i love toywatch too! :)

♥bebesally said...

thats a cute color cardi. I never understand how to work with Gmarket. ><"

love those nude nail polish.

p chan said...

i actually kinda like sheer nail polishes cos it's really easy to apply and maintain :p

i love your cardi + watch...

big watch, big character :D

Anonymous said...

That polish colour is total LOVE. Mannn why does it cost so much?! Argh.
Great comfy outfit to run errands! Good to know the world goes on while my butt sits here on the couch T__T haha!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Your polishes are so pretty! *^_^* Love your cute OOTD. Oh and I'm totally have a habit of wrinkling my clothes too...hehe.

Anonymous said...

thats a cute OOTD! love the nude/neutral nail swatches too <3


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