Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sultan's Tent and some Belly Dancing

First off, I'd like to apologize for my lask of posts..... I've just had so many backlogged errands to run that I didn't have time to prepare any posts... okay no excuses! XD I have sooo many blogs to catch up on (I'm afraid to look at my google reader... there's probably more than 600 unread posts!). I'm slowly catching up but forgive me for my tardiness as when all taxes need to be filed within 10 days, work is overbearingly painful... =P Anyway, rant over!

Several weeks ago for my friend's birthday, we attended a restaurant that brought the delectable traditional Morrocan foods to our tastebuds. Sultan's Tent, which I believe is also available in Calgary now, is like a harem, with exotic and beautiful women performing/teaching belly dances during the dinner (I use exotic and beautiful gently though because, well, these are just Canadian girls (maybe of Moroccan decent?) dressed in saris and the usual headgear).

A lot of the Moroccan foods had light spices that are probably only identifiable to Moroccans. The Harira (photoed above) is a popular starting dish that is described as a hearty tomato broth with chick peas and kidney beans. It looked more to me as chicken noodle soup in tomato soup :P It was good, but a tad spicy for my taste buds. I really wanted to try the sliced smoked duck salad but that did not come with the course meal and was considered a premium dish (at an additional cost of $5). Come to think of it, the dishes that were recommended or looked really tasty were premium dishes.....

Overall, it was a really fun experience especially when the dancers came out, or rather the energy of all the male in the room increased significantly.

Price: It's on the pricey side at $40/person for a four course meal (or $70 or so after tips & taxes... you may think the math is not correct, but they charge 20% gratuity and $8/bottle of water you order).

Sultan's Tent is located at 49 Front Street East, Toronto.


Anonymous said...

Omg the pictures looks SO yummy. I've never had Moroccan food before so I want to dry this so bad!

Wow $8 for a bottle of water!

missmicchan said...

I've always heard about that place, but have never actually been there. Thanks for posting the photos of the food! It sounds like a great dinner experience :)..now I just gotta get my bf to say "yes" to trying out Moroccan food >_<

coffretgorge said...

nomnomnomnomnom! hahaha gosh you just made me crave for mediterranean food! and its 9am in the morning here! :P

hannahh♥s said...

this reminds me of some indian food i had today! ( :

Dina (XYYan) said...

those foods look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

"..or rather the energy of all the male in the room increased significantly" HAHAHA!

Looks like total fun. The price is like woah! But I guess it's for plenty of food and entertainment.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hey girl! :) I've only had Moroccan food once I think and I remember it was good. Love your pics. I def want to go back now!


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